Meet Linda

When I founded my company, I didn’t have a mentor. Over the 24 years I served as CEO – and grew the company to annual revenues of 8-figures. I never had a business coach. What a difference it would have made! I could have looked at issues more analytically to make quicker decisions. I could have had an accountability partner, someone who would hold me accountable for strategic activities and help me increase the velocity toward my goals.

While we all hate to admit our failures, a perfect example comes to mind. I made some bad hiring decisions – including the wrong COO! Unfortunately, some of those decisions led to a great deal of waste in both time and money. Worse, those poor decisions were a setback; they affected everyone in the company and the business as a whole.

Leaders face many critical issues that need to be solved. Here’s an example: “We need to improve sales now, so let’s look for the quickest solution.” Sometimes we overlook the best solution that is right for the long-term, not the short-term. Leaders have the fate of a lot of people resting on their shoulders. We feel pressured to arrive at the quickest possible solution, so we can move on to other issues.

Looking back, an accountability partner – someone from outside my company – would have helped me think deeper and examine strategic decisions with clarity rather than react in the moment. If I had teamed with an objective thinking partner, I would have made different decisions!

“When I was CEO, having a coach – a thinking partner – would have made such a difference!”

A thinking partner can help YOU analyze issues with clarity, so you arrive at rapid, incisive, and more effective solutions.

As a growth-oriented leader, you are dedicated to your career and personal growth. And you have the energy, drive, and enthusiasm to help your company grow. However …

You may be encountering obstacles and feeling overwhelmed.

You may need to address or refine your executive composure, your emotional turmoil, your communications skills, or choice-management (time-management) skills.

You may be grappling with a daunting task list and struggling to achieve that elusive work/life balance.


This is where I come in. I can help you propel yourself forward – take on new tasks, think new ideas, hone your skills. As an objective and confidential thinking partner, I can help you examine and crystalize areas of growth. Above all, I can guide you to accelerate your unlimited potential. It’s a meaningful and amazing process, and the highest calling I have ever experienced in my professional life.

It’s helpful to clarify that I am both a coach and consultant. (There’s a difference.)

In pure coaching, the coach acknowledges that the client has all the answers, and the coach assists the client in arriving at conclusions and actualizing goals. As a consultant, I offer a depth of business experience and wisdom and apply that lens to the coaching experience. For example, I might ask clients: “Would you like some advice on this subject?” Consulting advice can propel our discussion, ignite new pathways to decision-making, and help the client arrive at the best outcomes with greater expedience.

My favorite part about being a business coach and consultant is the opportunity to make a difference in your career and personal life (yes, I coach the whole person, not the problem) – and the sheer joy in evidencing your accelerated success!

Are you ready to accelerate YOUR unlimited potential?

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