Coaching Services

1:1 Executive Coaching

Every leader has unique needs. From effective time management to emotional overwhelm, it can be a challenge to expedite your growth goals and get the breakthrough results you desire.

To become an exceptional leader, my coaching engagements focus on your specific challenges and help you find clarity and objectivity. Across the board, my clients have been able to accelerate their potential through incisive growth-oriented strategies followed by meaningful action and accountability.

The results commonly include: Improved communication skills, a polished executive presence, deepened emotional intelligence, and a masterful ability to negotiate and gain agreement, and effectively delegate. When we work together, you will grow your confidence as an executive leader, cut through the fog of distraction, and learn how to meet and exceed your corporate goals.

Our Coaching Engagement may include:

  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Conflict Management
  • Accountability Performance
  • Positive Intelligence

As your objective thinking partner, I can help you develop your leadership skills, and examine and crystallize all areas of growth.

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Group Coaching

Like many leaders, you may be looking to drive focused results within your group. Part of your job is to detect performance silos and inefficiencies and illuminate areas of untapped potential. When tackling these challenges alone, fog and overwhelm may set in.

To get to a place where you are able to actualize your goals, you may need to address or refine your executive composure, your emotional turmoil, and your communications skills – but these require clarity, objectivity and direction.

An accountability partner – someone from outside your company – can help you and your team think deeper and make strategic decisions with confidence as opposed to reacting in the moment.

We will work together through strategic group coaching sessions to hone your team’s clarity of thinking, accountability, individual and interpersonal effectiveness, and bring greater impact and direction to your leadership efforts.

Group Coaching services may include:

  • Customized Webinars
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Conflict Management
  • Systemic Coaching
  • Business Consulting

 If you’re looking to achieve breakthrough results within your group, I can provide a compelling framework for success. Let’s talk.

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Business Consulting

As a deeply seasoned business consultant, I offer a depth of business experience and wisdom and apply that lens to the coaching experience.  I work with emerging leaders, C-Level leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior executives, and use my real-world business and leadership experience to accelerate breakthrough results.

My favorite part about being an executive coach and consultant is the opportunity to make a difference in your career and personal life (yes, I coach the whole person, not the problem!).

Consulting advice can help you propel yourself forward – take on new tasks, think new ideas, and hone your skills.  This, in turn, ignites new pathways to decision-making, and facilitates clarity and objectivity in your life.

And, yes, you will be able to arrive at your best outcomes with greater expedience!

Business Coaching services may include:

  • Intensive Sessions (single or multiple day)
  • Weekly, Monthly or Bimonthly Sessions
  • Group Coaching
  • Targeted Subject Matter Webinars with Group Discovery Discussions
  • Individualized and Pertinent Subject Matter Follow-Up

Are you ready to accelerate YOUR unlimited potential?

Request a complimentary introductory discussion.

Are you ready to accelerate YOUR unlimited potential?

Request your complimentary introductory discussion to learn more about you can quickly achieve breakthrough results and accelerate your unlimited potential.