Case Studies

High-Potential Leader Confronts an Unsupportive Boss

Casey is a high achiever in her leadership life and consistently strives for excellence in all aspects of her job. Unfortunately, her boss doesn’t appreciate the finer details of Casey’s work. Casey has two options – To walk or to stay and resolve what appears to be an insurmountable conflict. Read on as Linda coaches Casey through this trying professional time to an unexpected reaction from her boss.

New-to-the-Job IT Manager Deals With Severe Client Backlash

Brand new and highly precocious IT manager, Mandy, is grappling with the challenges of directing her division’s efforts – but takes on more than her team’s capacity allows for. While dealing with negative backlash from clients and the company, she works with Linda to detect and correct impeding behaviors. Tap below to discover the breakthrough results Mandy was able to achieve.

Laid Off Employee Discovers His True Business Potential

After a recent layoff, Thomas is looking to reengineer his professional life. Linda immediately picks up on his razor-sharp business acumen and works with Thomas to nurture his talents and help him forge his entrepreneurial success. Tap below to read about Thomas’s inspiring professional transformation.

Manager Corrects Sabotaging Behaviors and Climbs the Ranks

Joe is a high achiever in his role as a division manager at a large solar firm. Although smart and dedicated, he has been rejected for several promotions, all the while watching his peers make strides in their professional life. Joe realizes that something is very amiss and recruits Linda to help him uncover a major saboteur that was holding him back.

*These studies are real cases without identifying the actual participants.

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